How many people get to see a wizard, a knight and lots of other medieval characters walking along the street towards the castle from their living room window?

During our summer stay at Kidwelly Cottage, this is exactly what happened. Our attention was drawn to the window by our 3 year old son calling out with excitement, “There is a wizard outside”. Now this might seem strange to many people, but this is not out of the ordinary in Castle Street. . The cottage is nestled between the old town gatehouse at one end and the magnificent Kidwellly Castle at the other.

On this particular day it was the Kidwellly castle medieval fair, one of many special event days held throughout the year. On entering the castle we were greeted by traditional musical instruments expertly played. A stage had been built with many specially invited guests playing a wide range of music throughout the day. The sound within the castle walls reverberated around this perfect setting for such amazing sounds and vocals.

The castle was packed from wall to wall with  a whole variety of stalls and different activities. People were trying their hand at archery, putting their enemies in the stocks and throwing sponges at them. Others got to hold a bird of prey, dress up in medieval attire or view the many crafting and sales stalls.

Refreshments were readily available with pop up restaurants serving a variety of foods. A special mention to the beer tent serving local Welsh Ales that just had to be sampled. Top tip: Definitely visit the sky tower before visiting the beer tent!

It should be noted different events are held throughout the year including highly recommended plays and open cinema viewings, Try something different in this beautiful setting, just a stone’s throw from the sea and the beautiful, golden beaches of South Carmarthen. Dates are still available on CADW website.

Whenever we go to Kidwelly, my son is always excited to visit this enchanting castle. His favourite thing to do is to take his little torch to explore all the dark unlit recesses of this castle, especially the dungeons and kitchens.  He could almost run a tour he has been so inspired by his visits. He was lucky enough on one occasion to help unlock the big Castle Doors by the drawbridge. From within you can look out through the arrow slits across the unspoilt Welsh landscape and there are wonderful walks alongside the original moat.

Kidwelly castle has a vibrant history dating back over 900 years on this site, overlooking the river Gwendraeth. Be sure to climb the tower for a stunning 360 degree view of not only the castle and river, but also Kidwelly and the estuary to the sea. Standing only 3 doors away, Kidwelly Cottage can be seen from one of the many castle windows.

For more information on surrounding attractions, please visit our Places to Visit page or book your stay at Kidwelly Cottage.